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Grab your cangkuls! The volunteers: Pat, Karen, Tony, Debby, Damien, Mitchell, Mike, Dax, Ongawi, Jeanne, Muzaffar, Per, Victor, Nigel, Joe, Allenawi, Jason, Joshie, Ilham, Zain, The FRIM Crew, Phil, Kevinawi, Din, Dirk, Kevin M, Rebecca, Jane, Stan, Bernard, Umar.
[1st April 2006] Patawi hard at work with the cangkul
A preview of what is to come...
Mike and Dex and the trail buggy
My trusty custom-made cangkul
Tony battling with an ancient log
Debbie is standing in the "BEFORE"section of the new trail..the rake is in the "AFTER"..
Dex the Texas Chainsaw Massacre expert..cutting log for side of trail
Downhill section with a berm!-work of art!
Trail carved at a mild slope to channel water away to minimise erosion
The Peginator! What is it for? You'll have to volunteer to find out!
Trail slaves...
[4th April 2006] JasonTanawi and Patawi loading up the buggy
Patawi working the Peginator
Jason hard at work
This little section has JasonTan and Joshawi's name on it.
Taking a breather..
New cangkuls and rakes for another back breaking session!
Patawi and Allenawi taking too long to saw thru hardwood [9th April 2006]

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